My Adventure Jam Entry: The Homebound Predicament

For the past week during my free time, I have been working on a point-and-click adventure game in Javascript as part of the Adventure Jam, a game jam on

The Homebound Predicament Title Screen
The Homebound Predicament Title Screen

I developed this game in Javascript and used the Phaser game engine.  I chose Javascript because I was already comfortable using it and I write in it everyday at work.  I chose Phaser because I was in the mindset of it since I have been using it with my other game, Scuba Chibi.

As far as artwork, I drew everything in Flash.  I chose Flash because it was the only vector art program that I had, and I wanted to be able to resize things if needed without getting any artifacts.  I decided to use a black-and-white sketching style primarily because I didn’t have much time to make clean lines and to color, and I also liked the look of it.

Since my free time was very limited and I am but a one-person team, my game design was cut down by about 80%.  I initially had 6 scenes, but as the days went by, I had to cut that down to 3.  I initially had 10 collectible items, but that went down to 2.  I definitely wanted to keep the jar, though, because of its ability to interact with other objects such as filling it up with liquids and emptying them out into other objects.  I also had about 5 endings at first, but then I cut that down to 2.  Ultimately, I just wanted to have a playable and complete game, even if it was short.

Eventually, I would like to expand the game and put back in the things that I had to take out in order to meet the 4/17 deadline.  So, your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated!  Thanks for playing!  🙂

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