Developer Podcasts

While I’m coding away, I often like to listen to podcasts about stories and learnings from other developers.  Here are some of them:

Software Engineering Radio
Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer.  The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast.

The Big Web Show
The award winning Big Web Show features special guests and topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography, web technology, and more.  It’s everything web that matters.

Javascript Jabber
A weekly podcast about JavaScript, including Node.js, Front-End Technologies, Careers, Teams and more.

Developer Tea
Developer Tea is engineered to be a highly-concentrated, short, frequent podcast specifically for developers who like to learn on their tea (and coffee) break.

Collective Mass
Unity game technology podcast.

Experimental game dev podcast show
Experimental game dev interviews.

Game Design Dojo
A couple of game developers that have been in the industry for a combined 26 years.  They share what they’ve learned along with their latest developments and discoveries.

Industry Broadcast
Bringing the collective insight of the gaming industry to your ears.

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